Submission Information

Call for Presenters

We invite researchers and practitioners in ML, DL and RL to present their ongoing or past work at the annual ML/DL workshop.

A non-exhaustive list of relevant MLDL topics included in previous workshops:

  • Learning algorithms.
  • Software and hardware implementation issues.
  • Data preparation, analysis, and pre-processing.
  • Post-processing and analysis of learned models.
  • Applications.
  • Adversarial ML.

We will attempt to incorporate all submissions into the discussion.

Presentation Formats

All talks will be pre-recorded and virtual:

  • Oral presentations should be recorded using Skype or Microsoft Teams (or another screen recording tool) and shared with the ML/DL workshop to provide to attendees.
  • Talks are limited to 15-, 20-, or 30- minute time slots to help with schedule progression.
  • Q&A sessions for groups of presentations will be held at the end of each session for the presentation in each session.

Submission Information

  • Initial submissions should only contain abstracts of intended presentations (not the full slide deck or recording).
  • Once notice of acceptance for presentations have been sent to presenters, completed materials will be requested.
  • Final pre-recorded videos of the presentation must be received by email prior to workshop.