Will the MLDL Workshop be video-streamed and/or recorded?

All presentations will be pre-recorded and sessions will be playing the pre-recorded presentations, and allow time for Q&A.

Is there a cost to attend the workshop?

No, there is no fee to attend. The workshop is virtual.

Do I have to register for this workshop?

Yes, all attendees whether presenters or not must register. See registration portal.

Can I participate if I don't work at Sandia?

Yes! You can register as an attendee or submit a talk to present regardless of your professional affiliations. Some sessions may have restricted access, but the schedule will clearly specify.

Presenter Questions

Will we be presenting live during the Microsoft Teams sessions?

No, all presentations must be pre-recorded using either Power Point, MS Teams or another method.

How do I submit my pre-recorded talk?

You will recieve an email to let you know that you have been selected. You will be provided with a link to submit your pre-recorded talk.

Will I be presenting in person at Sandia National Laboratories?

No, all presentations will be online.