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NM Legislature honors Sandia researchers

honorees with legislative sponsors
RESEARCH HONORS — From left, Rep. Jason Harper, Sandia researchers Vince Urias and Katya Casper and Rep. Abbas Akhil stopped for a photo after Vince and Katya were awarded certificates from the New Mexico House of Representatives, honoring them for their research. (Photo by Mason Martinez)

Two Sandia researchers were honored for their research and presented with certificates on the floor of the New Mexico House of Representatives Feb. 17.

Katya Casper was recognized “for her impressive expertise in wind tunnel applications in support of Sandia National Laboratories’ programs.” Vincent Urias was recognized “for his valuable research and contributions to cyber defense programs.”

The awards, signed by House speaker Brian Egolf, were proposed by Rep. Abbas Akhil, a former Sandian.

“I really commend Rep. Akhil’s thoughts of recognizing both Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories,” Vincent said. “Humanizing the labs by providing both a face and set of accomplishments to the state legislature is a great service. We have so many things we do well (at Sandia and LANL) but direct exposure is not one,” he said.


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