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CMC Publications

Publication Year Article Name Publication Link Authors id
2024 Human Performance Considerations for Nuclear Operations and Inspections: Cross-Cutting Issues in Nuclear Safety and International Safeguards Dr. Stephanie Rodrigues Pavao 241
2023 Study on Global Experiences on Research Security to Inform Armenia's Reform Dr. Tatevik Davtyan 239
2022 China’s Approach to Arms Control Verification Tong Zhao, PhD 182
2022 China’s ‘Influence Operations’ in Academia, Confucius Institutes and Soft Power: Strategic Responses of India, Bangladesh and Nepal Dr. Parama Sinha Palit (Singapore) 183
2019 Nuclear Security Governance in India: Institutions, Instruments, and Culture (2019) Sitakanta Mishra (India), and Happymon Jacob (India) 180
2019 Nuclear Security Governance in India: Institutions, Instruments, and Culture (2019) Sitakanta Mishra (India), and Happymon Jacob (India) 181
2017 Assessing, Detecting, and Deterring the Threat of Maritime Nuclear and Radiological Smuggling in the Western Indian Ocean Region M. Umer Khan (Pakistan) 178
2017 Strategic Stability in South Asia: An Indian Perspective Brigadier (Retd) Gurmeet Kanwal (India) 179
2015 Nuclear Security Governance in India: Institutions, Instruments, and Culture Sitakanta Mishra (India), and Happymon Jacob (India) 177
2014 Cooperative Measures to Support the Indo-Pak Agreement on Reducing Risk from Accidents Relating to Nuclear Weapons Sitakanta Mishra (India), and Mansoor Ahmed (Pakistan) 173
2014 Developing Information-Space Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) between India and Pakistan Tughral Yamin (Pakistan) 174
2014 Iran’s Relations to the East: Nonproliferation and Regional Security in a Changing Southwest Asia Muhammad Tehsin (Pakistan) 175
2014 Pakistan’s Strategic Culture: Formulation of Counterterrorism Policy Muhammad Tehsin (Pakistan) 176
2013 Areas for US-India Civilian Nuclear Cooperation to Prevent/Mitigate Radiological Events Gopalan Balachandran (India), and Geoffrey E. Forden (USA) 172
2012 India and China: Assessing the Need to Strengthen Bilateral Confidence Building Measures Monika Chansoria (India) 171
2011 An Information Management System for A Spent Nuclear Fuel Interim Storage Facility Karl Horak (USA), Todd Giles (USA), Hong-Nian Jow (USA), Robert Finch (USA), and Hsien-Lang Chiu (Taiwan) 170
2010 Establishing a Radioactive Waste Management Center of Excellence in East Asia Ralston W. Barnard (USA), Hong Lae Chang (South Korea), and Robert Finch (USA) 168
2010 A Comparison of Simulators for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Needs in East Asia Robert Finch (USA), Yongsoo Hwang (South Korea), and Sharon M. Deland (USA) 169
2008 The Implementation of Resolution 1540 in the Middle East Lars Olberg (USA) 167
2007 Demilitarization of the Siachen Conflict Zone: Concepts for Implementation and Monitoring Brigadier (Retd) Asad Hakeem (Pakistan), Brigadier (Retd) Gurmeet Kanwal (India), Michael Vannoni (USA), and Gaurav Rajen (USA) 166
2006 International Nuclear Safeguards INMM Tutorial George Baldwin (USA) 164
2006 Fissile Material Control in South Asia: Regional Analyses and Potential Confidence Building Measures Gaurav Rajen (USA), and Michael Vannoni (USA) 165
2005 Dismantlement and Radioactive Waste Management of DPRK Nuclear Facilities Whang Jooho (South Korea), and George T. Baldwin (USA) 161
2005 The Role of Transparency in Achieving Strategic Stability in South Asia Air Commodore Tariq Mahmud Ashraf (Pakistan), and Arpit Rajain (India) 162
2005 Bridging the US/India Nuclear Non-Proliferation Divide: The Way Ahead Rear Admiral (Retd) Raja Menon (India) 163
2004 Design and Test Plan of the Outdoor Test Facility Border Monitoring System (OTF-BMS) C. Alan Runyan-Beebe (USA), and Timothy J. Crawford (USA) 155
2004 International Initiative to Engage Iraq’s Science and Technology Community: Report on the Priorities of the Iraqi Science and Technology Community Abdalla A. Alnajjar (UAE), Ammar M. Munir (UAE), Arian Pregenzer (USA), and Adriane Littlefield (USA) 156
2004 Blue Sensors: Technology and Cooperative Monitoring in UN Peacekeeping A. Walter Dorn (Canada) 157
2004 Ballistic Missile Proliferation in Southern Asia: Options for Stabilization Arvind Kumar (India), and Michael Vannoni (USA) 158
2004 A Missile Stability Regime for South Asia Brigadier (Retd) Feroz Hassan Khan (Pakistan), Gaurav Rajen (USA), and Michael Vannoni (USA) 159
2004 Pakistan’s Strategic Thinking and the Role of Nuclear Weapons Major General (Retd) Mahmud Ali Durrani (Pakistan) 160
2003 Balancing Security and Research at Biomedical and Bioscience Laboratories Reynolds Salerno (USA), Natalie Barnett (USA), and Jennifer Koelm (USA) 142
2003 Regional Verification of a Denuclearized Korean Peninsula: A Strategy for Success after the Current Impasse Is Overcome John Olsen (USA) 143
2003 Maritime Cooperation for the Koreas John Olsen (USA), Michael Vannoni (USA), and Jenny Koelm (USA) 144
2003 Inter-Korean Military Confidence Building After 2003 Michael Vannoni (USA), John Olsen (USA), Jenny Koelm (USA), Adriane Littlefield (USA), Kim Tae-Woo (South Korea), Shin Sung-Tack (South Korea), Kim Myong-Jin (South Korea), and Kim Sang-Beom (South Korea) 145
2003 Biosecurity Reference: CFR-Listed Agents and Toxins Natalie Barnett (USA) 146
2003 Balancing Security and Research at Biomedical and Bioscience Laboratories: The Security Risk and Threat Assessment Reynolds Salerno (USA) 147
2003 South Asia Transboundary Water Quality Monitoring Workshop Summary Report Gaurav Rajen (USA), J. David Betsill (USA), Frederick O. Luetters (USA), and Adriane Littlefield (USA) 148
2003 Nuclear Terrorism and South Asia Rajesh M. Basrur (India), and Hasan-Askari Rizvi (Pakistan) 149
2003 Concepts for Cooperative Nuclear Monitoring in Bangladesh C. S. Karim (Bangladesh) 150
2003 Maritime Confidence Building Measures Across the Taiwan Strait: Technical Collaboration for Human Security at Sea Chyungly Lee (Taiwan) 151
2003 Cooperative Measures to Mitigate Asia-Pacific Maritime Conflicts Commander Wen-Chung Chai (Taiwan) 152
2003 Counterterrorism and Potential Constructive Cooperation Between China and the United States Rongrong Le (China) 153
2003 North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program: Verification Priorities and New Challenges Duk-Ho Moon (South Korea) 154
2002 Biological Laboratory and Transportation Security and the Biological Weapons Convention Reynolds Salerno (USA), and Jennifer Koelm (USA) 141
2001 The South Asia Cooperative Environmental Monitoring Project: An Effort to Promote Regional Cooperation and Water Quality Data Sharing in South Asia Gaurav Rajen (USA), Kent Biringer (USA), and David Betsill (USA) 130
2001 Confidence Building Measures to Support the Sunshine Policy John Olsen (USA) 131
2001 Integrating Monitoring and Decision Modeling Within a Cooperative Framework: Promoting Transboundary Water Management and Avoiding Regional Conflict Vincent Tidwell (USA), Reynolds Salerno (USA), Howard Passell (USA), Kelli Larson (USA), Elena Kalinina (USA), Aaron Wolf (USA), Arlin Cooper (USA) , Jan Curtis (USA), Stephen Conrad (USA), Dick Thomas (USA), and Orman Paananen (USA) 132
2001 Middle East Arms Control Technology Demonstration Project The Cooperative Monitoring Center Middle East Regional Program 133
2001 Technology Development for Nuclear Transparency Applications John Olsen (USA), and Charles Harmon (USA) 134
2001 Nuclear Related Agreements and Cooperation in South Asia Gaurav Rajen (USA), and Kent Biringer (USA) 135
2001 Potential Indian Nuclear Force Postures Sumit Ganguly (USA) 136
2001 Reducing Risk in South Asia: Managing India – Pakistan Tensions Shirin Tahir-Kheli (USA), and Kent Biringer (USA) 137
2001 Enhancing Security Through a Cooperative Border Monitoring Experiment: A Proposal for India and Pakistan Major General (Retd) Mahmud Ali Durrani (Pakistan) 138
2001 How Cooperative Aerial Monitoring Can Contribute to Reducing Tensions Between India and Pakistan Air Marshal (Retd) Mohammed Arshad Chaudhry (Pakistan), and Air Marshal (Retd) K.C. Cariappa (India) 139
2001 The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: The Way Forward? James Brown (USA), and Adriane Littlefield (USA) 140
2000 Conceptual Monitoring Options for a Southern Lebanon Withdrawal Agreement Charles Spain (USA), Lawrence Trost (USA), and Michael Vannoni (USA) 120
2000 Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) for Cooperative Monitoring Lawrence Trost (USA) 121
2000 South Asia Water Resources Workshop: An Effort to Promote Water Quality Data Sharing in South Asia Gaurav Rajen (USA), Kent Biringer (USA), and David Betsill (USA) 122
2000 Enhanced Peacekeeping with Monitoring Technologies Reynolds Salerno (USA), David Barber (USA), Randall Parish (USA), Michael Vannoni (USA), and Rebecca Frerichs (USA) 123
2000 Enhanced Peacekeeping with Monitoring Technologies Charles Harmon (USA), John Olsen (USA), and Howard Passell (USA) 124
2000 Cooperative Security: Implications for National Security and International Relations Michael Moodie (USA) 125
2000 A Survey of Nuclear-related Agreements and Possibilities for Nuclear Cooperation in South Asia Gaurav Rajen (USA) 126
2000 The Potential of Technology for the Control of Small Weapons: Applications in Developing Countries Juergen Altmann (Germany) 127
2000 Preventing Another India-Pakistan War: Enhancing Stability Along the Border Shirin Tahir-Kheli (USA), and Kent Biringer (USA) 128
2000 Maritime Cooperation Between India and Pakistan: Building Confidence at Sea Ayesha Siddiqa-Agha (Pakistan) 129
1999 Concepts and Strategies for Transparency Monitoring of Nuclear Materials at the Back End of the Fuel/Weapons Cycle Laurence Costin (USA), Peter Davies (USA), and Arian Pregenzer (USA) 111
1999 Pakistani Perceptions and Prospects of Reducing the Nuclear Danger in South Asia Nazir Kamal (Pakistan) 112
1999 A Generic Model for Cooperative Border Security Gideon Netzer (Israel) 113
1999 Cooperative Border Security for Jordan: Assessment and Options Mazen Qojas (Jordan) 114
1999 De-Alerting Strategic Ballistic Missiles Michael Edenburn (USA), Lawrence Trost (USA), Leonard Connell (USA), and Stanley Fraley (USA) 115
1999 Cooperatively Enhancing Military Transparency on the Korean Peninsula: A Comprehensive Approach Seongwhun Cheon (South Korea) 116
1999 Cooperative Environmental Monitoring in the Coastal Regions of India and Pakistan Gaurav Rajen (USA) 117
1999 ENTNEA: A Concept for Enhancing Nuclear Transparency for Confidence Building in Northeast Asia Man-Kwon Nam (South Korea), and Sung-Tack Shin (South Korea) 118
1999 Cooperative Monitoring for Confidence Building: A Case Study of the Sino-Indian Border Areas Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu (India), and Jing-Dong Yuan 119
1998 Sensors in the Sinai: A Precedent for Regional Cooperative Monitoring Michael Vannoni (USA) 103
1998 CMC Participation in the Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS) Workshop Kent Biringer (USA), and John Olsen (USA) 104
1998 Detecting Massed Troops with the French SPOT Satellites Vipin Gupta (USA), and George Harris (USA) 105
1998 Freezing the Fighting: Military Disengagement on the Siachen Glacier Samina Ahmed (Pakistan), and Varun Sahni (India) 106
1998 Siachen Science Center: A Concept for Cooperation at the Top of the World Kent Biringer (USA) 107
1998 Movements of People, Ideas, Trade and Technology: Toward a Peaceful Coexistence of India and Pakistan Samina Ahmed (Pakistan), and Suranjan Das (India) 108
1998 Missile Control in South Asia and the Role of Cooperative Monitoring Technology Nazir Kamal (Pakistan), and Pravin Sawhney (India) 109
1998 Prospects of Conventional Arms Control in South Asia Nazir Kamal (Pakistan), and Amit Gupta (USA) 110
1997 Cooperative Monitoring and Its Role in Regional Security Kent Biringer (USA), John Olsen (USA), Richard Lincoln (USA), Pauline Spaulding (USA), Ahmed Hasan (USA), and David Betsill (USA) 99
1997 Potential Nuclear Cooperative Measures for Safety, the Environment and Nonproliferation in East Asia John Olsen (USA) 100
1997 Confidence Building on the Korean Peninsula: A Conceptual Development for the Cooperative Monitoring of Limited-Force Deployment Zones Michael Vannoni (USA), Ruth Duggan (USA), Man-Kwon Nam (South Korea), Kwang-Keun Moon (South Korea), and Myung-Jin Kim (South Korea) 101
1997 Potential Cooperative Measures for Civilian Nuclear Facilities Richard Lincoln (USA) 102
1996 Cooperative Monitoring of Regional Security Agreements Adrian Pregenzer (USA), Michael Vannoni (USA), and Kent Biringer (USA) 97
1996 The Cooperative Monitoring Center: Achieving Cooperative Security Objectives Through Technical Collaborations Kent Biringer (USA), and Arian Pregenzer (USA) 98
1995 Activities to Further Nonproliferation and Encourage Confidence Building Measures on the Korean Peninsula John Olsen (USA) 95
1995 Cooperative Monitoring Workshop: Focus on the Middle East Arian Pregenzer (USA), Michael Vannoni (USA), Kent Biringer (USA), and Pauline Dobranich (USA) 96
Publication Year Article Name Publication Link Authors id