Cooperative Scientific Engagement for Global Security in the 21st Century

Since its founding at Sandia National Laboratories in 1994, the CMC has used cutting-edge science, engineering, and technology to build cooperative engagements around the world to strengthen international security. The CMC will continue to highlight the importance of science-driven collaboration for international peace and stability in the 21st century by providing a venue in which experts from around the world can explore the use of shareable, unclassified technology and research to:

  • Implement Confidence Building Measures (CBMs)
  • Monitor compliance with treaties or other agreements

The CMC offers facilities, subject matter expertise, and partnerships that enable all stages of international technical cooperation. These include:

  • Analyzing security issues and developing options for implementing solutions
  • Training on methods, technologies, and procedures
  • Testing and evaluating technical approaches
  • Implementing and operating technical measures

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