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Neural Inspired Computation Remote Sensing Platform

Vineyard, Craig M.; Severa, William M.; Green, Sam G.; Dellana, Ryan A.; Plagge, Mark P.; Hill, Aaron J.

Remote sensing (RS) data collection capabilities are rapidly evolving hyper-spectrally (sensing more spectral bands), hyper-temporally (faster sampling rates) and hyper-spatially (increasing number of smaller pixels). Accordingly, sensor technologies have outpaced transmission capa- bilities introducing a need to process more data at the sensor. While many sophisticated data processing capabilities are emerging, power and other hardware requirements for these approaches on conventional electronic systems place them out of context for resource constrained operational environments. To address these limitations, in this research effort we have investigated and char- acterized neural-inspired architectures to determine suitability for implementing RS algorithms In doing so, we have been able to highlight a 100x performance per watt improvement using neu- romorphic computing as well as developed an algorithmic architecture co-design and exploration capability.