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Human factors in the design of a search tool for a database of recorded human behavior

Abbott, Robert G.; Forsythe, James C.; Glickman, Matthew R.; Trumbo, Derek T.

Many enterprises are becoming increasingly data-driven. For example, empirically collected data about customer behavior offers an alternative to more traditional, synthetic techniques such as surveys, focus groups, and subject-matter experts. In contrast, recordings of tactical training exercises for the US military are not broadly archived or available for analysis. There may be great opportunity for military training and planning to use analogous techniques, where tactical scenarios are systematically recorded, indexed, and archived. Such a system would provide information for all levels of analysis, including establishing benchmarks for individual performance, evaluating the relevance and impact of training protocols, and assessing the utility of proposed systems and conops. However, such a system also offers many challenges and risks, such as cost, security, privacy, and end-user accessibility. This paper examines the possible benefits and risks of such a system with some emphasis on our recent research to address end-user accessibility.