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Bioenergy & Defense

Amber A. McBride, Ph.D.

Biographical Information - Current Research Projects - Publications
Photo of Amber McBride

Postdoctoral Appointee
Nanobiology Department

Research Interests

Nanotechnology in drug delivery

Pulmonary drug/aerosol delivery and characterization

Biomedical strategies for biological and chemical terrorism defense

Development of animal models in cancer

Host-pathogen interaction and emerging infectious disease

Biographical Information

Amber McBride joined the Nanobiology department at Sandia in late 2015. Amber earned a bachelorís degree in Biology from Kansas State University and her doctoral degree in Nanoscience & Microsystems Engineering, in conjunction with the College of Pharmacy, at the University of New Mexico. Her graduate research focused on the development of magnetically targeted aerosol dry powders for the therapeutic treatment of lung cancer. She also developed an orthotopic lung cancer tumor model for SPECT/CT imaging.

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Current Research Projects

Amber is working on a project to develop Cas9/CRISPR-integrated mesoporous silica lipid bilayer nanoparticles (MSNPs) for therapeutic and pulmonary delivery. This work is funded through Sandia’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Grand Challenge. 

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Journal Articles

McBride, A. A., Price, D. N., Lamoureux, L. R., Elmaoued, A. A., Vargas, J. M., Adolphi, N. L., & Muttil, P. (2013). Preparation and characterization of novel magnetic nano-in-microparticles for site-specific pulmonary drug delivery. Molecular pharmaceutics, 10(10), 3574-3581.

McBride, A. A., & Muttil, P. (2013). A Pilot Study Targeting Nano-in-Microparticles (NIMs) in Rat Lungs Ex Vivo. RN Dalby, PR Byron, J. Peart, JD Suman, editors. Respir. Drug Delivery Conf. (Vol. 3, pp. 815-820).

McBride, A.A., Lamoureux, L., Price, D., & Muttil, P. (2012). Novel Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Nano-in-Microparticle Dry Powders for Directed Drug Delivery: An Application to Lung Cancer. In Respir. Drug Delivery Conf. (Vol. 3, pp. 815-820).

Kuethe, D. O., McBride, A.A., & Altobelli, S. A. (2012). Velocity of mist droplets and suspending gas imaged separately. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 216, 88-93.

Muttil, P., Price, D., & McBride, A.A. (2011). Pulmonary immunization for TB with live cell-based vaccines: the importance of the delivery route. Therapeutic delivery, 2(12), 1519.

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