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CASoS Engineering
Casos Engineering Lead:
Theresa J. Brown

Recent Events

Dynamic Public Health Modeling for Multi-Product Tobacco Environment presented by Stephen J. Verzi at the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Board meeting April 17, 2014

diagram of potential transitions between tobacco use states

SnapDragon: A Social-Network Behavioral Dynamics Model of Tobacco Product Use presented by Patrick D. Finley at the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Board meeting April 17, 2014

Diagram of influences and opinion components affecting smoking decisions

An Opinion-Driven Behavioral Dynamics Model for Addictive Behaviors poster presented at NIH Complex Systems, Health Disparities & Population Health: Building Bridges Conference February 24, 2014

Graphic depiction of modeled influence on smoking tolerance

Engineering Infrastructure for Resilience and Growth, presented by Theresa J. Brown at the International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure, Sydney and Wollongong Australia, September-October 2013

Graphic of projected changes in precipitation from global models with uncertainty

Critical Infrastucture System Security and Resiliency published April 2013

Book cover: Critical Infrastructure System Security and Resiliency

Complex Adaptive Systems Engineering and Risk Reduction,
TJ Brown, SHConrad, WE Beyeler and RJ Glass in
Engineering Sustainability
Vol. 166 October 2013 Issue ES5, Pages 293-300

Complexity described by the branching of a tree

Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems Engineering

Our goal is to engineer solutions to problems within the vastly complex and critically important eco-socio-economic-technical systems that are all fundamentally Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS) with influence spanning local to regional to national to global scales. We deliver multi-faceted strategic design for risk mitigation that is robust to uncertainty.

We must understand CASoS to design a secure future for the nation and the world. Perturbations/disruptions in CASoS bring with them the potential for far-reaching effects due to highly-saturated interdependencies and attendant vulnerabilities to cascades in associated systems.

For example, the global effects of disruption within CASoS can be seen in the impacts of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami on not only the people and industry of Japan, but also on US car manufacturers, on global energy and financial markets, and on the future of nuclear power production around the world. We approach this sort of high-impact problem space as engineers, devising interventions or problem solutions that influence CASoS to achieve specific aspirations, an activity we call CASoS Engineering.


CASoS infrastructure aplications CASoS population health applications CASoS economies applications CASoS enterprise security applications CASoS related studies Link to CASoS Application Space diagram Link to CASoS design process definition CASoS global security applications

Through application to real-world problems...

Call to arms, join the evolutionthe CASoS Engineering Initiative at Sandia National Laboratories is evolving CASoS Engineering principles while growing a community of practice and the CASoS engineers to populate it. The Initiative is both grounded in reality and works to extend our understanding and control of that reality; it is both a solution within a CASoS and a CASoS itself. A summary of our approach is presented in Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS) Engineering: Mapping Aspirations to Problem Solutions, given at the 8th International Conference on Complex Systems, June 2011, Quincy, MA.

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