Sandia’s Contributions to Radiological and Nuclear Material Management

Sandia provides world-class scientific, engineering, and cyber solutions that foster safer, more secure management of nuclear and radiological materials and capabilities

Next-Generation Arms Control Monitoring

Sandia provides nuclear verification solutions to U.S. policymakers through research and development of radiation detection and monitoring systems for arms control, international nuclear safeguards, and domestic nuclear material and asset accountability.

International Nuclear Safeguards

Safeguards at Sandia is focused on maintaining and enhancing the global nuclear nonproliferation regime in an evolving world. This is done with exploratory and cutting-edge research that develops solutions using advanced modeling and simulation engineering. Additionally, Sandia keeps international capacity building and outreach as a focus.

Material Control and Accountability

Sandia deters and detects theft of accountable nuclear material (ANM) by ensuring that all ANM is accounted for and that proper controls are in place for the use and storage of material. Material Control & Accountability (MC&A) leads physical inventories of Material Balance Areas (MBAs), manages the accounting tracking system for Sandia’s ANM inventory, ensures that tamper indicating devices are used, coordinates MBA Security Plans, and develops measurement methods and control procedures.

Nuclear Materials Management

Nuclear Materials Management (NMM) ensures that future material needs are met, programmatically sponsored, and efficiently utilized at Sandia. Core responsibilities include evaluating acquisition requests for receiving ANM from all Sandia sites, partnering with various Sandia organizations to identify and characterize materials for disposition and/or redistribution of ANM, and data analysis on Sandia’s NMM inventory for DOE Headquarters.

Nuclear Waste Management

For over 40 years, Sandia has been a leader in providing scientific information, analyses, and programmatic guidance to the U.S. Government and the nuclear community to help solve nuclear waste management challenges. Sandia conducts experimental studies and develops process models to further the scientific bases for safe geologic disposal of high-level nuclear waste and helps identify and reduce potential risks associated with the long-term storage, transportation, and eventual disposal of radioactive materials and waste.

Nuclear Energy

Sandia provides science and engineering research for traditional light water reactor and new advanced reactor safety, security, spent nuclear fuel storage, transportation, security, safeguards, and disposal. Sandia is a leader in developing, integrating, and implementing technically safe, viable, and sustainable solutions, R&D, and analyses for nuclear energy challenges, ranging from power conversion to the management of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.