LDA Atom Library

All LDA atom file (pseudopotential and associated basis sets) are developed by Peter A. Schultz (Sandia),
P.A. Schultz, unpublished.

All LDA potentials are Hamann type norm-conserving pseudopotentials,
D.R. Hamann, Phys. Rev. B 40, 2980 (1989),
 for N,C,O,F,Ni,Cu,Zn, and Ga(d10) which use the Troullier/Martins type,
N. Troullier and J.L. Martins, Phys. Rev. B 43, 1993 (1991),

Also, alkali atoms, alkaline earths, and several early transition metals atoms and early main group atoms incorporate the partial core correction:
S.G. Louie, S. Froyen, and M.L. Cohen, Phys. Rev. B 26 1738 (1982).