Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQs page. You will find the answers to common questions here.

Can I trust a manufacturer's claim of accuracy for a new instrument?

Not always. A large fraction of new instrumentation is out of tolerance with respect to the manufacturer’s documented specifications.

How do I request a calibration?

Call the PSL HelpLine at (505) 845-8855, or email

My item needs to be calibrated onsite. Can the PSL do that?

The PSL is equipped to perform onsite calibrations for its customers. Call the PSL HelpLine (505) 845-8855 or email for more information. If you are an SPP customer, mention your need for an onsite calibration in the SPP form’s Special Requirements/Accessories field.

How long will the calibration take?

To check the status of an asset submitted for calibration, please contact the PSL HelpLine at or call (505) 845-8855.

Can you make my calibration a high priority?

All calibrations are performed on a first-in, first-out basis. However, if there is an immediate need, the PSL will work directly with you to determine a need-by date and the PSL’s capacity to meet the request.

Where can I get a copy of the certificate for my equipment?

A copy of the certificate accompanies the asset when it is returned.

I need to talk to an expert about the measurement.

The PSL Customer Service Representative can connect you with the proper subject matter expert. Email the PSL HelpLine at or call (505) 845-8855.