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(1) Final uncertainty and interval (if requested) assigned to equipment will be determined after calibration is complete.
(2) Specify parameter, range and uncertainty above or attach previous calibration certificate with information.


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Sandia Required Certification

Sandia cannot provide services that are available through commercial industry. Prior to accepting the equipment you wish to submit for calibration, Sandia must verify that there is no other source for this calibration. Please complete the following section regarding the reasons for requiring Sandia to perform this effort by checking the appropriate selection:

For Technical Consultation requests:

SNL is the only source for the level of expertise required to complete this work. (Market search was completed)
SNL has in its possession equipment and facilities not available through any other source. (Market search was completed.)

For High Precision Calibration:

SNL is the only source for the accreditation you require. (Please note required accreditation.)
SNL is the only source for a third party, independent calibration. (Only other source located is in direct competition with you.)
Unique capabilities (e.g., accuracy requirements, etc.); unable to locate another source. (Market search was completed.)

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