About ML Training

Military Liaison

The Military Liaison Department at Sandia National Laboratories provides nuclear weapon education and training. For the Department of Defense (DoD), this vital training program is accomplished in accordance with established Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). These MOUs task the SNL Military Liaison Department (as the Department of Energy’s (DOE) representative) to provide “formal training in the nuclear weapons field not normally provided by the military schools’ curriculum.” For the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), this training is accomplished in accordance with an MOU from DOE which assigns the Military Liaison Department with the nuclear weapon training mission for DOE and supporting contractors.

During the enduring stockpile life of a nuclear weapon, Military Liaison maintains the capability to provide training for military instructors, operations and maintenance personnel. First-Generation training refers to the technical training that qualified DOE instructors, using jointly approved procedures and representative training equipment, provide to DoD personnel. First-Generation training can be accomplished either in the field (preferred) or at Sandia National Laboratories, Kirtland AFB NM. After we “train the trainer,” DoD instructors are then able to provide training to their technicians. Classroom instruction includes courses listed in this catalog for nuclear weapons stockpile orientation, maintenance, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), delivery aircraft/ICBM operations and Use Control personnel. Additionally, Military Liaison provides training for nuclear weapon complex senior leadership, logisticians and other program managers. Per the MOUs, no student fees are charged for this training. However, the students are responsible for all travel expenses.

This training catalog lists the classroom courses provided by Military Liaison which have established agendas and are normally scheduled each year. Unless otherwise listed, courses are taught at Sandia National Laboratories, Kirtland AFB NM. Additional ad-hoc training sessions, locations and topics can be requested on a case-by-case basis. Exact course dates will be coordinated with the military organization involved or may be separately announced by a message from the Military Liaison Department. Information on course registration, security clearances (with sample forms and directions), and area maps are provided with the class announcement message and during subsequent course registration activities.