Technical Reference for Hydrogen Compatibility of Materials

Guidance on materials selection for hydrogen service is needed to support the deployment of hydrogen as a fuel as well as the development of codes and standards for stationary hydrogen use, hydrogen vehicles, refueling stations, and hydrogen transportation. Materials property measurement is needed on deformation, fracture and fatigue of metals in environments relevant to this hydrogen economy infrastructure. The identification of hydrogen-affected material properties such as strength, fracture resistance and fatigue resistance are high priorities to ensure the safe design of load-bearing structures.

To support the needs of the hydrogen community, Sandia National Laboratories is conducting an extensive review of reports and journal publications to gather existing materials data for inclusion in the Technical Reference for Hydrogen Compatibility of Materials. Additionally, Sandia is working internationally with collaborators to acquire newly generated data for inclusion in the Technical Reference. SAND2012-7321 is an archival report issued by Sandia National Laboratories representing the reference information compiled as of September 2012. Individual sections of this report may be updated or added periodically at this website.

Table of Contents

Designation Nominal Composition Section Revision
Introduction INTR 3/08
Plain Carbon Ferritic Steels
C-Mn Alloys Fe-C-Mn 1100 5/07
Low-Alloy Ferritic Steels
Quenched & Tempered Steels
Cr-Mo Alloys Fe-Cr-Mo 1211 12/05
Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys Fe–Ni–Cr–Mo 1212 12/05
High-Alloy Ferritic Steels
High-Strength Steels
9Ni-4Co Fe–9Ni–4Co-0.20C 1401 1/05
Ferritic Stainless Steels Fe–15Cr 1500 10/06
Duplex Stainless Steels Fe–22Cr–5Ni+Mo 1600 9/08
Semi-Austenitic Stainless Steels Fe–15Cr–7Ni 1700 3/08
Martensitic Stainless Steels
Precipitation-Strengthened Fe–Cr–Ni 1810 3/08
Heat Treatable Fe–Cr 1820 6/08
Austenitic Steels
300-Series Stainless Alloys
Type 304 & 304L Fe–19Cr–10Ni 2101 5/05
Type 316 & 316L Fe–18Cr–12Ni+Mo 2103 3/05
Type 321 & 347 Fe–18Cr–10Ni + Ti/Nb 2104 12/08
Nitrogen-Strengthened Stainless Alloys
22-13-5 Fe–22Cr–13Ni–5Mn–2.5Mo+N 2201 1/05
21-6-9 Fe–21Cr–6Ni–9Mn+N 2202 5/05
Precipitation-Strengthened Stainless Alloys
A-286 Fe–25Ni–15Cr+Ti+Mo 2301 5/05
Specialty Alloys
Fe-Ni-Co Sealing Alloys Fe–28Ni–20Co 2401 10/05
Aluminum Alloys
Non-Heat Treatable Alloys
Pure Aluminum Al 3101 4/07
Heat Treatable Alloys
2XXX-series alloys Al-Cu 3210 5/09
6XXX-series alloys Al-Mg-Si 3220
7XXX-series alloys Al-Zn-Mg-Cu 3230 5/09
Copper Alloys
Pure Copper Cu 4001 5/06
Polymers 8100 5/08