Sandian Discusses Technologies for Diesel Use Reduction at the IEEE SusTech Initiative Energy and Climate Technologies for the Arctic Workshop

Sandia National Laboratories Energy Storage program team member Charlie Vartanian participated in IEEE SusTech Initiative’s Energy and Climate Technologies for the Arctic Workshop held May 3-4, 2024, at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus. This was the fourth in a series of open workshops held by the IEEE SusTech Initiative. At the workshop, Charlie Vartanian spoke on “Technologies for Diesel Use Reduction in Non-Grid-Connected Communities.” This presentation featured the Cordova Electric Cooperative’s BESS’s success reducing utility diesel fuel use. Sandia previously assisted CEC in the successful planning and deployment of their 1MW BESS.

The presentation also included content prepared by Michael Ropp from Sandia. Mike’s content in the presentation summarized the IEEE 1547 Interconnection Standard. The Energy and Climate Technologies for the Arctic Workshop provided a useful audience and community to share Sandia energy storage R&D program resources and insights on storage applications that improve environmental outcomes including reduced fossil fuel use to serve electric utility customers’ load.

The IEEE SusTech Initiative seeks to contribute technical expertise and solutions to address sustainability challenges, including climate change. The Initiative offers workshops in various formats free of charge throughout the year.

Read more in the BESS Application in a Microgrid – Cordova Electric Cooperative PPT.

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