Sandians Contributed to Industry Education on Energy Storage and a Decarbonized Future

Sandia National Laboratories Energy Storage program team members participated as co-instructors on the “How Grid Energy Storage Meets the Challenges of a Decarbonized Future” tutorial at the 2024 IEEE PES T&D Conference May 6-9, 2024, in Anaheim, CA. This tutorial was organized and led by the IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery (ESSB) technical committee. The Sandia representatives and subject matter experts covering these topics were Babu Chalamala, Ray Byrne, Tu Nguyen, Mike Ropp, Charlie Vartanian, and Chris Searles. Sandia also partnered with Rick Fioravanti from Quanta Technology for this tutorial.

This four-hour tutorial was divided into four sections:

  1. A review of current technologies targeted for this area (e.g., lithium ion, pumped hydro, flow batteries, and long duration energy storage).
  2. Market application challenges and valuations with a focus on the duration needed in a decarbonized scenario and market products that may be required to ensure deployment.
  3. Engineering of energy storage systems, code compliance, and interconnection – including electrification technologies.
  4. System safety and reliability.

In supporting IEEE ESSB, Sandia staff leverages and promotes ES R&D learning and resources. The IEEE is also a productive community for technical information-exchange, and socializing broader DOE initiatives including the LDES Storage Shot, Long Duration Storage Shot | Department of Energy