Sandian Assist Industry Understanding of Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) for Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Summit

Will McNamara from Sandia National Laboratories gave two presentations at the EUCI Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Best Practices Summit held virtually May 1-2, 2024, hosted by Burbank Department of Light & Power. McNamara, the Sandia Energy Storage Policy Analyst, presented and led discussion on “Parsing Which Long Duration Technologies Will Prevail” and “Assessing the Impacts on IRP of the Inflation Reduction Act.”

His Long Duration presentation explored what LDES technologies are gaining momentum on the path to commercialization and how focused efforts across the industry are aligning to address the array of market challenges that persist. While the Inflation Reduction Act presentation provided an overview of the IRA incentives and expected power market impacts on IRP best practices.

This Summit explored the new IRP paradigm and provided a critical platform to leading utility, power resource planning professionals and related industry experts as they addressed the key elements associated with emerging operational issues. The conference blended presentations from utilities, state regulatory staff/commissioners, non-utility SMEs, service providers and other resource planners.

The event also provided a conduit for McNamara to highlight Sandia’s energy storage R&D Program resources, insights on long duration energy storage, and promote DOE’s Energy Storage Grand Challenge.

Download the EUCI Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Best Practices Summit brochure.

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