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Atomic-precision advanced manufacturing for Si quantum computing

MRS Bulletin

Bussmann, Ezra B.; Butera, Robert E.; Owen, James H.G.; Randall, John N.; Rinaldi, Steven R.; Baczewski, Andrew D.; Misra, Shashank M.

A materials synthesis method that we call atomic-precision advanced manufacturing (APAM), which is the only known route to tailor silicon nanoelectronics with full 3D atomic precision, is making an impact as a powerful prototyping tool for quantum computing. Quantum computing schemes using atomic (31P) spin qubits are compelling for future scale-up owing to long dephasing times, one- and two-qubit gates nearing high-fidelity thresholds for fault-tolerant quantum error correction, and emerging routes to manufacturing via proven Si foundry techniques. Multiqubit devices are challenging to fabricate by conventional means owing to tight interqubit pitches forced by short-range spin interactions, and APAM offers the required (Å-scale) precision to systematically investigate solutions. However, applying APAM to fabricate circuitry with increasing numbers of qubits will require significant technique development. Here, we provide a tutorial on APAM techniques and materials and highlight its impacts in quantum computing research. Finally, we describe challenges on the path to multiqubit architectures and opportunities for APAM technique development. Graphic Abstract: [Figure not available: see fulltext.]

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2 Results
2 Results