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Viscoelastic material inversion using Sierra-SD and ROL

Walsh, Timothy W.; Aquino, Wilkins A.; Ridzal, Denis R.; Kouri, Drew P.; van Bloemen Waanders, Bart G.; Urbina, Angel U.

In this report we derive frequency-domain methods for inverse characterization of the constitutive parameters of viscoelastic materials. The inverse problem is cast in a PDE-constrained optimization framework with efficient computation of gradients and Hessian vector products through matrix free operations. The abstract optimization operators for first and second derivatives are derived from first principles. Various methods from the Rapid Optimization Library (ROL) are tested on the viscoelastic inversion problem. The methods described herein are applied to compute the viscoelastic bulk and shear moduli of a foam block model, which was recently used in experimental testing for viscoelastic property characterization.