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VideoSwarm: Analyzing video ensembles

Martin, Shawn; Sielicki, Milosz A.; Gittinger, Jaxon M.; Letter, Matthew L.; Hunt, Warren L.; Crossno, Patricia J.

We present VideoSwarm, a system for visualizing video ensembles generated by numerical simulations. VideoSwarm is a web application, where linked views of the ensemble each represent the data using a different level of abstraction. VideoSwarm uses multidimensional scaling to reveal relationships between a set of simulations relative to a single moment in time, and to show the evolution of video similarities over a span of time. VideoSwarm is a plug-in for Slycat, a web-based visualization framework which provides a web-server, database, and Python infrastructure. The Slycat framework provides support for managing multiple users, maintains access control, and requires only a Slycat supported commodity browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari).