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Sierra/SolidMechanics 4.50 Theory Manual

Merewether, Mark T.; Plews, Julia A.; Crane, Nathan K.; de Frias, Gabriel J.; Le, San L.; Littlewood, David J.; Mosby, Matthew D.; Pierson, Kendall H.; Porter, V.L.; Shelton, Timothy S.; Thomas, Jesse D.; Tupek, Michael R.; Veilleux, Michael V.; Xavier, Patrick G.; Manktelow, Kevin M.; Clutz, Christopher J.R.

Presented in this document are the theoretical aspects of capabilities contained in the Sierra / SM code. This manuscript serves as an ideal starting point for understanding the theoretical foundations of the code. For a comprehensive study of these capabilities, the reader is encouraged to explore the many references to scientific articles and textbooks contained in this manual. It is important to point out that some capabilities are still in development and may not be presented in this document. Further updates to this manuscript will be made as these capabilities come closer to production level.