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Sierra/SolidMechanics 4.48 Capabilities in Development

Plews, Julia A.; Crane, Nathan K.; de Frias, Gabriel J.; Le, San L.; Littlewood, David J.; Merewether, Mark T.; Mosby, Matthew D.; Pierson, Kendall H.; Porter, V.L.; Shelton, Timothy S.; Thomas, Jesse D.; Tupek, Michael R.; Veilleux, Michael V.; Xavier, Patrick G.

This document is a user's guide for capabilities that are not considered mature but are available in Sierra/SolidMechanics (Sierra/SM) for early adopters. The determination of maturity of a capability is determined by many aspects: having regression and verification level testing, documentation of functionality and syntax, and usability are such considerations. Capabilities in this document are lacking in one or many of these aspects.