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Sierra/Solid Mechanics 4.48 User's Guide

Merewether, Mark T.; Crane, Nathan K.; de Frias, Gabriel J.; Le, San L.; Littlewood, David J.; Mosby, Matthew D.; Pierson, Kendall H.; Porter, V.L.; Shelton, Timothy S.; Thomas, Jesse D.; Tupek, Michael R.; Veilleux, Michael V.; Gampert, Scott G.; Xavier, Patrick G.; Plews, Julia A.

Sierra/SolidMechanics (Sierra/SM) is a Lagrangian, three-dimensional code for finite element analysis of solids and structures. It provides capabilities for explicit dynamic, implicit quasistatic and dynamic analyses. The explicit dynamics capabilities allow for the efficient and robust solution of models with extensive contact subjected to large, suddenly applied loads. For implicit problems, Sierra/SM uses a multi-level iterative solver, which enables it to effectively solve problems with large deformations, nonlinear material behavior, and contact. Sierra/SM has a versatile library of continuum and structural elements, and a large library of material models. The code is written for parallel computing environments enabling scalable solutions of extremely large problems for both implicit and explicit analyses. It is built on the SIERRA Framework, which facilitates coupling with other SIERRA mechanics codes. This document describes the functionality and input syntax for Sierra/SM.