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Performance-portable sparse matrix-matrix multiplication for many-core architectures

Deveci, Mehmet D.; Trott, Christian R.; Rajamanickam, Sivasankaran R.

We consider the problem of writing performance portablesparse matrix-sparse matrix multiplication (SPGEMM) kernelfor many-core architectures. We approach the SPGEMMkernel from the perspectives of algorithm design and implementation, and its practical usage. First, we design ahierarchical, memory-efficient SPGEMM algorithm. We thendesign and implement thread scalable data structures thatenable us to develop a portable SPGEMM implementation. We show that the method achieves performance portabilityon massively threaded architectures, namely Intel's KnightsLanding processors (KNLs) and NVIDIA's Graphic ProcessingUnits (GPUs), by comparing its performance to specializedimplementations. Second, we study an important aspectof SPGEMM's usage in practice by reusing the structure ofinput matrices, and show speedups up to 3× compared to thebest specialized implementation on KNLs. We demonstratethat the portable method outperforms 4 native methods on2 different GPU architectures (up to 17× speedup), and it ishighly thread scalable on KNLs, in which it obtains 101× speedup on 256 threads.