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Modeling assisted room temperature operation of atomic precision advanced manufacturing devices

Gao, Xujiao G.; Tracy, Lisa A.; Anderson, Evan M.; Campbell, DeAnna M.; Ivie, Jeffrey A.; Lu, Tzu-Ming L.; Mamaluy, Denis M.; Schmucker, Scott W.; Misra, Shashank M.

One big challenge of the emerging atomic precision advanced manufacturing (APAM) technology for microelectronics application is to realize APAM devices that operate at room temperature (RT). We demonstrate that semiclassical technology computer aided design (TCAD) device simulation tool can be employed to understand current leakage and improve APAM device design for RT operation. To establish the applicability of semiclassical simulation, we first show that a semiclassical impurity scattering model with the Fermi-Dirac statistics can explain the very low mobility in APAM devices quite well; we also show semiclassical TCAD reproduces measured sheet resistances when proper mobility values are used. We then apply semiclassical TCAD to simulate current leakage in realistic APAM wires. With insights from modeling, we were able to improve device design, fabricate Hall bars, and demonstrate RT operation for the very first time.