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Large deformation solid-fluid interaction via a level set approach

Rao, Rekha R.; Noble, David R.; Schunk, Randy; Wilkes, Edward D.; Baer, Thomas A.; Rao, Rekha R.; Notz, Patrick N.

Solidification and blood flow seemingly have little in common, but each involves a fluid in contact with a deformable solid. In these systems, the solid-fluid interface moves as the solid advects and deforms, often traversing the entire domain of interest. Currently, these problems cannot be simulated without innumerable expensive remeshing steps, mesh manipulations or decoupling the solid and fluid motion. Despite the wealth of progress recently made in mechanics modeling, this glaring inadequacy persists. We propose a new technique that tracks the interface implicitly and circumvents the need for remeshing and remapping the solution onto the new mesh. The solid-fluid boundary is tracked with a level set algorithm that changes the equation type dynamically depending on the phases present. This novel approach to coupled mechanics problems promises to give accurate stresses, displacements and velocities in both phases, simultaneously.