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Kokkos 3: Programming Model Extensions for the Exascale Era

Trott, Christian R.; Lebrun-Grandie, Damien; Arndt, Daniel; Ciesko, Jan; Dang, Vinh Q.; Ellingwood, Nathan D.; Gayatri, Rahulkumar; Harvey, Evan C.; Hollman, Daisy S.; Ibanez, Dan; Liber, Nevin; Madsen, Jonathan; Miles, Jeff; Poliakoff, David Z.; Powell, Amy J.; Rajamanickam, Sivasankaran R.; Simberg, Mikael; Sunderland, Dan; Turcksin, Bruno; Wilke, Jeremiah

As the push towards exascale hardware has increased the diversity of system architectures, performance portability has become a critical aspect for scientific software. We describe the Kokkos Performance Portable Programming Model that allows developers to write single source applications for diverse high-performance computing architectures. Kokkos provides key abstractions for both the compute and memory hierarchy of modern hardware. We describe the novel abstractions that have been added to Kokkos version 3 such as hierarchical parallelism, containers, task graphs, and arbitrary-sized atomic operations to prepare for exascale era architectures. We demonstrate the performance of these new features with reproducible benchmarks on CPUs and GPUs.