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Final report for the endowment of simulator agents with human-like episodic memory LDRD

Forsythe, James C.; Forsythe, James C.; Speed, Ann S.; Lippitt, Carl E.; Schaller, Mark J.; Xavier, Patrick G.; Thomas, Edward V.; Schoenwald, David A.

This report documents work undertaken to endow the cognitive framework currently under development at Sandia National Laboratories with a human-like memory for specific life episodes. Capabilities have been demonstrated within the context of three separate problem areas. The first year of the project developed a capability whereby simulated robots were able to utilize a record of shared experience to perform surveillance of a building to detect a source of smoke. The second year focused on simulations of social interactions providing a queriable record of interactions such that a time series of events could be constructed and reconstructed. The third year addressed tools to promote desktop productivity, creating a capability to query episodic logs in real time allowing the model of a user to build on itself based on observations of the user's behavior.