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Exploring and quantifying how communication behaviors in proxies relate to real applications

Aaziz, Omar R.; Cook, Jeanine C.; Cook, Jonathan E.; Vaughan, Courtenay T.

Proxy applications, or proxies, are simple applications meant to exercise systems in a way that mimics real applications (their parents). However, characterizing the relationship between the behavior of parent and proxy applications is not an easy task. In prior work [1], we presented a data-driven methodology to characterize the relationship between parent and proxy applications based on collecting runtime data from both and then using data analytics to find their correspondence or divergence. We showed that it worked well for hardware counter data, but our initial attempt using MPI function data was less satisfactory. In this paper, we present an exploratory effort at making an improved quantification of the correspondence of communication behavior for proxies and their respective parent applications. We present experimental evidence of positive results using four proxy applications from the current ECP Proxy Application Suite and their corresponding parent applications (in the ECP application portfolio). Results show that each proxy analyzed is representative of its parent with respect to communication data. In conjunction with our method presented in [1] (correspondence between computation and memory behavior), we get a strong understanding of how well a proxy predicts the comprehensive performance of its parent.