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Engineering a transformation of human-machine interaction to an augmented cognitive relationship

Forsythe, James C.; Forsythe, James C.; Bernard, Michael L.; Xavier, Patrick G.; Abbott, Robert G.; Speed, Ann S.; Brannon, Nathan B.

This project is being conducted by Sandia National Laboratories in support of the DARPA Augmented Cognition program. Work commenced in April of 2002. The objective for the DARPA program is to 'extend, by an order of magnitude or more, the information management capacity of the human-computer warfighter.' Initially, emphasis has been placed on detection of an operator's cognitive state so that systems may adapt accordingly (e.g., adjust information throughput to the operator in response to workload). Work conducted by Sandia focuses on development of technologies to infer an operator's ongoing cognitive processes, with specific emphasis on detecting discrepancies between machine state and an operator's ongoing interpretation of events.