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Aspen-EE: An Agent-Based Model of Infrastructure Interdependency

Barton, Dianne C.; Eidson, Eric D.; Schoenwald, David A.; Stamber, Kevin L.; Reinert, Rhonda K.

This report describes the features of Aspen-EE (Electricity Enhancement), a new model for simulating the interdependent effects of market decisions and disruptions in the electric power system on other critical infrastructures in the US economy. Aspen-EE extends and modifies the capabilities of Aspen, an agent-based model previously developed by Sandia National Laboratories. Aspen-EE was tested on a series of scenarios in which the rules governing electric power trades were changed. Analysis of the scenario results indicates that the power generation company agents will adjust the quantity of power bid into each market as a function of the market rules. Results indicate that when two power markets are faced with identical economic circumstances, the traditionally higher-priced market sees its market clearing price decline, while the traditionally lower-priced market sees a relative increase in market clearing price. These results indicate that Aspen-EE is predicting power market trends that are consistent with expected economic behavior.