Thermally Activated Battery Simulator (TABS) v5.0

TABS Thermally Activated Battery Simulator

The Thermally Activated Battery Simulator, or TABS, is a collection of software tools, developed by Sandia National Laboratories, specifically designed for performance simulations of thermal batteries. It enables a battery engineer or designer to quickly assess the thermal and electrochemical performance of a design using an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) on a desktop computer. TABS is comprised of two modules: Full Battery (TABS-FB) and Single Cell (TABS-SC). TABS is currently on its fifth major release (v5.0).

Download the TABS v5.0 release flyer.

Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network (BCNN)

A novel neural network for 3D image segmentation featuring built-in uncertainty quantification.

Available at GitHub.

Monte Carlo Dropout Network (MCDN) 3D CT Segmentation

A Tensorflow and Keras backed framework for learned segmentation methods of 3D CT scan volumes. Supported functionality includes training models, running inference and quantifying uncertainty. The main underlying model architecture is V-Net.

Available at GitHub.


Scott is an author of the multi-physics finite element software package Goma. Goma has a long history of performing two-dimensional and three-dimensional analyses for a variety of applications, primarily in the coating and manufacturing industries. Goma 6.0 has recently been approved as open source software, is released under the GPL license in the near future. The source code for Goma can be downloaded from GitHub.

NEWS: Goma 6.0 wins R&D 100 award!

R&D 100 announcement

Nomination video


Goma Homepage

Goma on GitHub

Goma 6.0 User Manual

Citation: Schunk et al., "GOMA 6.0 – A Full-Newton Finite Element Program for Free and Moving Boundary Problems with Coupled Fluid/Solid Momentum, Energy, Mass, and Chemical Species Transport: User’s Guide." Sandia Report, SAND2013-1844 (2013). DOI: 10.2172/1089869