Sandia Engineering Design Award at UC Davis

Engineering Design Contest

Award Overview

Sandia National Laboratories sponsors an Engineering Design Award in conjunction with the annual Engineering Design Showcase at the University of California, Davis. This award recognizes an outstanding project in engineering design that supports the national security of the United States through innovations in defense, natural resources, or the economy.

Undergraduate student teams in the College of Engineering at UC Davis who are participating in research or senior design projects that align with Sandia mission areas or the National Academy of Engineering “Grand Challenges for Engineering” are welcome to enter this design competition. Judges will review the entries based on a written technical report and oral presentation at the College of Engineering Design Showcase. The judges, from Sandia technical staff (including members of the recruiting team), will interview candidate groups and then grade project reports to determine alignment and achievement within the contest specifications. 

The winning entry will be recognized at the Design Showcase and receive a $1,300.00 prize award to be split equally among the members of the registered design team.

Winners of the 2019 Sandia Engineering Design Award
Winners of the 2019 Sandia Engineering Design Award: (left to right) Janice Leung, Laura Oelsner, Yuqing Huang, and Priscilla Chan (Credit: UC Davis)