Badging Info

The Workshop will be held in the Sandia Livermore open campus (LVOC).  The hackathon will be held in both the Sandia open campus and the Sandia property protected area (PPA).  Attendees must follow the instructions below to attend the workshop and hackathon.

If you have an HSPD-12 badge

  • Please visit the badge office on Tuesday morning to enroll your badge for swipe access to all workshop and hackathon rooms.
  • If you are attending only the workshop, you may skip the enrollment step as the auditorium does not require a badge swipe.

If you are a US citizen, but do not have an HSPD-12 badge (e.g., you are a university researcher or have a DOE site specific badge)

  • Workshop-only: please submit a GAA badge request.
  • Workshop + Hackathon: please submit an EP form to access the PPA rooms.

 If you are foreign national

  • Workshop-only: please submit an FNR form with a scan of your passport photo.
  • Workshop + hackathons: please submit an FNR form with a scan of your passport photo.
  • We expect most requests will be approved within 2 days.
  • In some cases, access may only be granted to the LVOC area, which will allow for workshop attendance and participation in a subset of hackathon activities.  We will do our best to place hackathon activities in rooms where all interested attendees have access.

Administrative POC for Badging

  • Letty Quihuis,, +1-925-294-4950 
  • All FNRs and other badging inquiries should be routed to Letty.

Sandia Host for Badging