Research Overview

Through aspiration mission-based questions and cross-cutting research tasks, the RAMSeS team seeks to identify broadly applicable software analysis techniques to understand and reason about real-world, 3rd party software systems, whether single programs, or large, distributed systems.  See our vision/whitepaper.

Mission-Based Questions

While RAMSeS is interested in improving our ability to rapidly answer a wide range of mission questions, we have chosen three specific questions to help focus on research. While exploring ways of leveraging static software analysis tools and techniques to improve our ability to rapidly answer these three questions below, we are particularly interested in identifying solutions that can apply to numerous mission questions.

Cross-cutting Tasks

  • Ground Truth Build a solid foundation of trust in our ability to analyze binaries, including understanding the limitations and compromises required.
  • Human Factors Understand and advance the effectiveness of cyber security analysts through understanding how human capabilities integrate with cyber systems.