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A letter from the Laboratories Director

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Steve Younger

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the annual Lab News Labs Accomplishments. Here you’ll find a snapshot of significant work performed this past year by the remarkable staff at Sandia National Laboratories.

Every Sandian plays a role in these accomplishments. Behind each project is a team of dedicated, hard-working people helping to solve the nation’s toughest national security challenges. From critical milestones in our key mission areas to scientific breakthroughs reached via Laboratory Directed Research and Development to valuable advances in mission support, Sandians consistently provide “exceptional service in the national interest.”

Our work is needed now more than ever. Sandia’s national security missions, including maintaining the safety, reliability and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear deterrent, are becoming more critical as the world faces an array of threats that widens every day.

The scope of our capabilities makes us invaluable. Sandia’s deep science and engineering foundations provide a cross-disciplinary advantage that helps us tackle and solve the biggest problems and makes the world a safer place.

There is much here to be proud of, but it’s impossible to collect every accomplishment. Many of our greatest achievements have come in areas of national security that are too sensitive for general publication.

Enjoy this look at the outstanding work done by the people of Sandia. I promise it will be time well spent.

— Steve Younger, Laboratories Director     

About this publication

Labs Accomplishments publication cover

This year’s Labs Accomplishments highlights some of Sandia’s best work during 2018, as submitted by the Labs’ Center offices and selected by Division offices. Readers will see numbers in parentheses following many of the entries that indicate the Centers where the bulk of the work for those accomplishmentswas performed.

Download the 2019 Labs Accomplishments (PDF, 6 MB).

Cover Features

Dave Novick flies remote control octocopter

Front cover

Pilot and engineer Dave Novick flies an octocopter during test and evaluation of the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicle intelligent systems. His research is part of the Labs’ work in advanced controls for unmanned and robotic systems.

Back cover

Mike Montoya, a laser technologist, prepares a diagnostic probe for a test at the Thermal Test Complex, where researchers create high-temperature environments to study how they affect a wide range of materials and components.