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Tamara Kolda

New data journal gets Sandia editor

Tamara Kolda, a distinguished member of the technical staff, led the creation and serves as editor-in-chief of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Journal on Mathematics of Data Science. The new SIAM journal publishes innovative research that advances mathematical, statistical and computational methods in the context of data and information sciences. (8000)

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Labs sign 83 Cooperative agreements worth $63 million

Sandia signed 42 Cooperative Research and Development Agreements in FY18 with such companies as Goodrich, IonQ, Battelle and Sensor Kinesis, the highest number of new agreements in the past 19 years. The total for FY17 was 41. Contract value of the 83 new CRADAs, including in-kind and government dollars, was more than $63 million. The agreements demonstrate diversity of partnerships and scope as companies included Emera Technologies Ltd., CalWave Power Technologies Inc., Georgia Tech Research Institute, the Electric Power Research Institute and the German Aerospace Center.