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Careerapalooza propels professional success at the Labs

Video by Mike Cleary
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CAREER STORIES — From left to right, moderator Carey Eichhorst and panelists Nando Betancur, Zach Mikelson, Jason Crenshaw and Matt Suazo discuss their careers at Sandia during a Careerapolooza event on June 27. (Photo by Craig Fritz)

Over three days in June, 2,000 Sandians participated in career talks, résumé reviews, career mapping, games like Sandia Jeopardy, speed mentoring, mock interviews, panel discussions, student intern events and in-person career fairs to propel their professional journeys at the Labs.

“Careerapalooza is about helping Sandians see the possibilities that exist for them to grow their career, build their network and expand their skills without ever leaving the Labs,” said Executive Director of Human Resources, Communications and Employee Health Services Brian Carter.

Careerapalooza culminated with three lively in-person events in California and New Mexico on June 29. In Albuquerque, the lobbies of two auditoriums were filled with interns and seasoned Sandians from every division. In Livermore, the General Access Area Event Pad hosted a steady stream of attendees participating in mock interviews, receiving resume feedback, having professional headshots taken and selling out a local food truck.

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MAKING CONNECTIONS — Intern Owen Schroeder, right, thanks Dan Roettgen from environmental testing during Careerapalooza on June 29. (Photo by Craig Fritz)

Attendees and event representatives alike shared their career stories and aspirations, sought and provided insight into division operations and had fun while learning about the exceptional career opportunities and development resources available at Sandia.

“Careerapalooza allowed me to get career advice directly from professionals who I hope to become one day,” student intern Stephanie Nathasingh said. “It inspired me to pursue a full-time position at Sandia, and I’d love it if I could find a career here.”

Representatives from Sandia’s Career Development Office; employee recreation program; Employee Health Services; Inclusion, Diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action team; Organizational Culture and Engagement team; Workplace Improvement teams; and employee resource groups were also on-site to share information and ways for Sandians to get more involved.

“Careerapalooza is an awesome event,” said manager for Environment, Safety and Health technical operations Cynthia Rivera. “I loved the informational presentations and mock interviews. My goal is always to learn something new about Sandia. Careerapalooza helps you understand how you can further your career vand build your network.”

Careerapalooza first launched last summer as part of the Sandia Spark initiative, which aims to foster an environment where employees feel as energized, valued and engaged as they did on the first day.

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RESUME REVIEW — Environment, Safety and Health coordinator Gary Wright, right, reviews a resume and offers suggestions to postdoc Wendy Angelica Garcia during Careerapalooza. (Photo by Craig Fritz)
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NETWORKING FOR SUCCESS — Sandians in Livermore, California, attend an in-person event at the General Access Area Event Pad to participate in mock interviews, have headshots taken and more. (Photo by Tahmina Azimi)

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