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QCaMP inspires quantum-ready workforce

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SECRET MESSAGES — Students learn how to encode messages in binary and send those encoded messages with light using fiber optics. (Photo by Ray Tokuta, Albuquerque Public Schools)

Sandia partnered with Computer Science Alliance, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab and other sponsors to conduct two QCaMPs, weeklong camps that engage both teachers and students in quantum physics concepts.

QCaMP provides attendees with a comprehensive introduction to computing fundamentals, hands-on exploration of quantum physics and practical applications of these phenomena to solve computing challenges.

This immersive virtual and in-person camp hosted 15 teachers from New Mexico and 42 students from New Mexico and California, teaching quantum physics concepts to inspire future careers. By engaging teachers and students as leaders in discovery, innovation, national security and research and development competitiveness, QCaMP plays an important role in building a quantum-ready workforce.

To learn more about how to get involved in QCaMP next summer, reach out to

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QUANTUM PHYSICS, NEAR AND FAR — Physicist Megan Ivory, bottom right, wraps up QCaMP with in-person and virtual students. (Photo by Ray Tokuta)
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ENLIGHTENED EXPERIENCE — Students engage with Sparking Curiosity in Quantum Science students as they explore light polarization. (Photo by Ray Tokuta)

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