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Sandia celebrates Earth Day

A green scene at California’s Earth Day 2018

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David Hopman left, and Meghan Castro pose with the rocks they painted at the Human Resources table. Part of HR’s stress reduction initiative, this helps the painters decompress from their busy days. Stones with the words “Sandia rocks” on the underside will be hidden on site. Those who find one of these treasures are encouraged either to hide it again or keep it, paint their own and pass it on in a random act of kindness.  (California photos by Michael Padilla)

The spirit of the original Earth Day, which marked the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970, was alive and well last week at Sandia/California. John Garcia, Environmental Safety and Health senior manager kicked off the Labs’ Earth Day event by challenging those assembled to take action toward a healthier planet.

Action options at the event included an electronic waste recycler who collected 673 pounds of personal electronics onsite, composting education at the Livermore Sanitation and StopWaste booths, and a nature walk led by wildlife expert Robert Holland of environmental management for a deeper appreciation of local birds.

The official 2018 Earth Day theme was “putting an end to plastic pollution,” and John spoke proudly of the Labs’ support for that campaign along with others complementary to Earth Day,

such as saving endangered species, promoting green schools, reforestation, climate change and more.

John encouraged attendees to spend time talking with the environmental solutions agencies and companies assembled for the day. Many of the participating companies provide the technology that enables Sandia’s environmental management practices, all of which have a net positive impact on the planet, he said.

Though Earth Day may have come and gone, suggestions are on the official Earth Day website for actions that can ensure Sandia staff live in maximum possible harmony with their natural surroundings.

— Jules Bernstein

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The Valley Humane Society’s Canine Comfort Pet Therapy program dogs soaked up sun and attention from admirers during the festivities. The program’s volunteers bring pups to places other dogs can’t go, allowing those in need to benefit from of a four-legged friend’s unconditional love.

Earth Day in New Mexico

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At the Earth Day event in New Mexico, John Kay from Sandia’s Stormwater Team showed both young and old how runoff generated by rainfall can carry harmful chemicals and waste to the waterways, and offered ideas to help solve the problem. Sandia’s Kids Day attendees joined numerous representatives from Sandia and its partner organizations for a variety of activities at the Earth Day information booths in the Steve Schiff Auditorium lobby. (New Mexico photos by Norman Johnson)

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