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Sandians who rent to interns (Landlord) must complete or update their Personal Conflict of Interest (PCI) form at and disclose this as an outside employment/business activity if they are receiving rent from the student or an outside activity if they are providing the room for free. The Landlord will be in compliance with their PCI mitigation plan as long as they are not renting or providing housing to a student for whom they are in a position to influence hiring or other personnel actions or approve funding or other expenditures, and as long as they conduct all interactions with the student using their own computer, software, fax, phone, copiers, etc.. Providing information to the Sandia Student Intern Program (SIP) for SIP to place on a Sandia external-facing website does not constitute the Landlord using Sandia IT resources in furtherance of their business nor does it constitute soliciting for personal ventures because SIP serves as the conduit between the Landlord and the student intern.

Once you have updated your Personal Conflict of Interest (PCI) form please fill out this form to post your available space.

Residential Intern Housing

Your Sandia email will not be provided to the student. Contact with the student must be done through your personal email.
All contact with the renter (intern) must be done through your personal email or phone.
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Indicate the monthly price that you would charge for rent. Include any additional costs such as fees, deposits or utilities etc.
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Describe your rental (i.e. Bedroom with a bed, dresser, nightstand and wifi equipped TV (no cable). Private bathroom. Has wifi, cable TV, alarm system and a gym. Access to kitchen and laundry room. Carpooling is an option. Parking on street. Has 2 cats.
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