Integrated Military Systems

Solving warfighters’ most challenging, urgent, and high–risk problems, defending the nation, and defeating threats to national security.

Building on more than six decades of experience, Integrated Military Systems (IMS) delivers superior, cutting-edge systems and technologies that give our warfighters a competitive advantage and empower the United States to defend itself and its allies at home and abroad. The diverse capabilities within IMS produce revolutionary technologies in areas such as precision strike and defense, autonomy and control, directed energy, signal processing/ATR, lethality and threat assessment, and advanced concepts and mission engineering. Our talented scientists, engineers, and staff take a problem from initial design all the way through testing and fielding.

Defense Programs

Conceptualizing and demonstrating advanced technologies, delivering responsive technical solutions in anticipation of needs, and facilitating the integration and sustainment of operational capabilities across missile, air, and space defense missions.

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Advanced Concepts and Mission Engineering

Performing research, development and future concept engineering for next generation national security systems and delivering a broad range of objective end-to-end multi-domain analytics to the Department of Defense.

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Strike Programs

Providing rapid-response and agile system-level design, development, and demonstration of advanced strike systems and technologies to address national needs.

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Meg Davidson

For details on how to partner with Sandia and IMS, see the Working with Sandia website.