Advanced Concepts & Mission Engineering

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Integrated Military Systems (IMS) performs research, development and future concept engineering for next generation national security systems and delivers a broad range of objective end-to-end multi-domain analytics to assess performance, explore trade spaces and identify optimal investment strategies.


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IMS is home to a host of engineering capabilities and can take autonomy-enabling technologies from research to development to application – providing enhanced and comprehensive functionality to the warfighter. IMS develops and customizes artificially intelligent and autonomous solutions to apply to unique national security mission contexts that cannot rely on open-source data and algorithms. The near-term goal is to incorporate autonomy solutions into Sandia’s existing multi-domain flying and sensing platforms. In addition to delivering cutting-edge systems to military and intelligence customers, IMS leads Sandia’s Autonomy for Hypersonics (A4H) Mission Campaign. Learn more

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Advanced Concepts Engineering

IMS develops an understanding of potential future warfighter technology needs through simulation and analysis of mission and engagement vignettes. This helps identify potential gaps in warfighter capabilities and drive the development of new concepts, technology roadmaps, and requirements for future systems. These capabilities leverage both the offensive and defensive technology expertise at Sandia, utilizing existing tools and developing new ones for creating a robust scrimmaging capability. IMS designs, develops, and applies its own unique modeling, simulation, optimization, and analysis tools that tie exploratory warfighter operational plans with intelligence information to investigate the feasibility of new weapon system concepts. Upon completion, IMS seeks broad integration of its systems with warfighters and defense technology contractors.

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Military Systems and Decision Analysis

IMS provides decision analytics for a wide variety of complex challenges for the Department of Defense and military services as they develop new and innovative technologies to address capability gaps associated with current and emerging threats. The research, development, and applications provided by IMS cover a broad range of customized scenario-based analytics, including system performance modeling and analysis, operational effectiveness analysis, system of systems assessments, trade studies, risk, vulnerability, and reliability analyses, and optimization studies. These applications inform decisions that enhance and modernize military systems and associated operational energy challenges. The tools developed from this research primarily support the DoD and internal programs from concept development through operations, sustainment, and modernization.

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Directed Energy

The IMS directed energy departments research the generation, radiation, propagation, coupling, and effects of directed energy weapon systems to support nuclear deterrence, space missions, aerial defense and strike, and surveillance and reconnaissance. These teams specialize in the research, development, and assessment of high-power microwave (HPM), radio frequency (RF), and ultra-short pulse laser (USPL) systems. IMS experience spans fundamental science and modeling and simulation in nonlinear optical and laser phenomena, high-voltage technology, innovation in sources and techniques, and application development and testing.