GeoTess Documentation

User’s Manual

The User’s Manual [PDF] provides a general description of GeoTess plus detailed information about compiling the code, file formats, and more.

Links to source code documentation

Environment variables

The shell script will deduce the modifications to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH necessary to compile GeoTessCPP, GeoTessCShell, GeoTessCPPExamples and GeoTessCExamples. In addition, it figures out the additions to the PATH variable needed to run all the example applications. No modifications are made to the user’s environment but the recommended changes are printed to the screen.

Compiling the code

The GeoTess package came with precompiled binaries but the code can be recompiled for Linux. Run make to recompile the code.

For more information about building the code, see the Installation section of the User’s Manual [PDF]