Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options Catalog Information

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options Catalog is an interactive website that provides information about nuclear fuel cycles, their performance, and the technologies that may be used to implement them. The fuel cycles cover a broad range of possible options, including once-through and recycle. At the present time, information contained in the catalog is primarily based on analyses performed as part of the Fuel Cycle Research and Development Program in the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy to improve understanding of differences in performance among various fuel cycles. These analyses inform the decision-making process at the Department of Energy for planning and conducting long-term research and development. The Catalog is being actively developed at this time, and periodic addition of new fuel cycle information is planned, which is anticipated to include input from additional contributors.

In 2014, an evaluation and screening study was completed for the United States Department of Energy which provided information about the potential benefits and challenges of nuclear fuel cycle options (i.e., the complete nuclear energy system from mining to disposal). This information can be used to strengthen the basis and provide guidance for the activities undertaken by the Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy, Fuel Cycle Research and Development program. This catalog includes, but is not limited to, information that was part of the input used in the evaluation and screening study.

Access to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options Catalog for users outside of Sandia National Laboratories is available upon request. To request access, please go to You may be asked for a valid email address for authentication. Once you’ve logged in, look for UUR_NuclearFuelCycleOptionCatalog in the list of available resources and select the Request link to the right of the listing. You’ll be notified by email once the approval is complete. Once authorized, you may access the catalog at

Users from Sandia National Laboratories do not need to request access; instead, they may access the catalog directly at