ESSAT 2011 Conference

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Plenary Session

(MP3 Monday_Plenary_Session_Oct_17, 1:24:57)

Session 1: Policy and Economics of Electrical Energy Storage (EES)

Chair: T. Vassallo, Univ. of Sydney (MP3 Session_1_Monday_Oct_17, 56:50)

Don’t Forget That: Past, Present, and Future Philosophy for Energy StoragePrice, A.Swanbarton, Ltd.01_Price_EESAT_2011_Abstract_final
The Impacts of Regulation, Policy, and Advanced Technologies, and Market Dynamics on the Deployment of Energy Storage ProcessesMiller, G.Hudson Clean Energy Partners02_Miller_Gabriel_ESSAT_Abstract_final
Evaluating Modular Distributed Electricity Resources for Utility Transmission and Distribution Upgrade Deferral and Life ExtensionEyer, J.Distributed Utility Assoc.03_Eyer_EESAT_2011_FinalAbstract

Session 2: Grid Applications of EES

Chair: P. Kulkarni, CEC (MP3 Session_2_Monday_Oct_17, 56:59, 26.0 MB)

Grid-Supporting Battery Energy Storage Systems in the Low-Voltage Distribution GridGeth, F.K.U.Leuven, Belgium05_Geth_extendedabstract
Enabling Renewable Energy Transmission – Advanced Carbon Energy Storage System for Transmission Utilization ImprovementAnderson, J.C&D Technologies, Inc.D_Technologies_Abstract
Determining Storage Reserves for Regulating Solar Variability on the Electric Power GridNorris, B.Clean Power Research07_Norris_EESAT_2011_Abstract
Recent Applications of Sodium-Sulfur (NAS) Battery System in the United States and In JapanHatta, T.NGK Insulators, Japan08_Hatta_EESAT_Abstract_NGK

Session 3: UK Research – Innovative Technologies

Chair: J. Boyes (MP3 Session_3_Monday_Oct_17, 1:11:24)

Techno-Economic Modeling of a Utility Scale Redox Flow Battery SystemRoberts, E.P.L.Univ. of Manchester09_Roberts_Ed
Substrates for the Positive Electrode Reaction in the Zinc-Cerium Redox Flow BatteryBerlouis, L.E.A.C-Tech Innovation, Ltd.10_Berlouis_Abstract_for_EESAT_2011
The Development of Flow Batteries from Proof of Concept to Pilot ScaleWills, R.Univ. of Southampton, UK11_Wills_RGAW_EESAT_Abstract
Temperature Dependence of Key Performance Indicators for Aqueous Electrochemical Capacitors Containing Nanostructured Birnessite Manganese DioxideSlade, R.C.T.Univ. of Surrey, UK12_Slade_Alex_Roberts_EESAT

(MP3 Tuesday_Plenary_Session_Oct_18, 9:45, 4.47 MB)

Session 4: EES Electrochemistry

Chair: C. Lamontagne, Navigant (MP3 Session_4_Tuesday_Oct_18, 1:18:24)

Exploration and Practice of Energy Storage Technology in ShanghaiYu, Z.Tech. & Dev. Ctr. of Shanghai01_Yu_Exploration_and_Practice
Applying a Variety of Battery Chemistries for Energy StorageRoberts, B.S & C Electric02_Miller_Roberts_EESAT_2011_Abstract
MetILs: A Family of Metal Ionic Liquids for Redox Flow BatteriesAnderson, T.SNL03_Anderson_Travis_EESAT_2pager

Session 5: Emerging Energy Storage Technology

Chair: M. Sira, Kohler Co. (MP3 Session_5_Tuesday_Oct_18, 1:09:00)

Zinc/Air – A Low-Cost, Long-Life, and Safe Battery TechnologyOster, M.Eos Energy Storage04_Oster_Abstract_EESAT
The Aqueous Electrolyte Sodium Ion Battery: A Low-Cost Solution From Aquion EnergyWhitacre, J.Aquion Energy05_Whitacre_EESAT_Abstract
Thermal Energy Storage as an Enabling Technology for Renewable EnergyDenholm, P.NREL_eesat_extended_abstract
Advanced Electrochemical Storage RD&D at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for Renewable Integration and Grid ApplicationsYang, Z.PNNL07_Yang_PNNl_Storage

Session 6: Power Electronics

Chair: A. Price, Swanbarton (MP3 Session_6_Tuesday_Oct_18, 1:28:20)

Battery Module Balancing with a Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel InverterSenesky, M.National Semiconductor08_Sandberg_Senesky_EESAT-Abstract
A Power Electronic Conditioner Using Electrochemical Capacitors to Improve Wind Turbine Power QualityCrow, M.Missouri S&T09_Crow_EESAT_Abstract
Degradation Mechanisms and Characterization Techniques in Silicon Carbide MOSFETs at High-Temperature OperationKaplar, R.SNL10_Kaplar_EESAT_2011_RevisedAbstract
Sanyo’s Smart Energy System with a 1.5-Megawatt Hour Lithium-Ion Battery and 1-Megawatt Photovoltaic Solar SystemHanafusa, H.SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.11_Hanafusa_EESAT_2011_abstract
Ultra-High-Voltage Silicon-Carbide (SiC) Thyristors – Next-Generation Power Electronics Building BlocksSingh, R.GeneSiC Semiconductor12_Singh_EESAT_Abstract

Session 7: Modeling & Simulation of EES

Chair: G. Huff, SNL (MP3 Session_7_Tuesday_Oct_18, 1:18:11)

Widespread Deployment of Electric Storage in the Industrial and Manufacturing SectorsScalzo, P.EMB Energy, Inc.13_Scalzo_EESAT_Abstract
Modeling of PV Plus Storage for Public Service Company of New Mexico’s Prosperity Energy Storage ProjectLavrova, O.UNM14_Lavrova_Modeling_of_PV_Abstract
Optimization Routine for Energy Storage Dispatch Scheduling in Grid-Connected, Combined Photovoltaic-Storage SystemsWashom, B.Univ. of California San Diego15_Washom_Nottrott_ESSAT_abstract
Numerical Analysis on the Temperature Distribution in the Molten Sodium-Sulfur Battery ModuleMin, J.Pusan Nat’l Univ., Korea16_Min_EESAT_abstract

Session 8: Emerging EES Technologies

Chair: B. Washom, UCSD (MP3 Session_8_Wednesday_Oct_19, 1:06:40)

A New Fe/V Redox Flow BatteryLi, L.PNNLLi_2011_EESAT_Abstract
Lifetime of Vanadium Redox Flow BatteriesSchreiber, M.Cellstrom GmbH, Austria02_Schreiber_Abstract
Demonstration of Energy Storage Using A Breakthrough Redox Flow Battery TechnologyHorne, C.EnerVault Corp.EnerVault_EESAT_2011_Abstract

Session 9: EES Demonstrations

Chair: T. Aselage, SNL (MP3 Session_9_Wednesday_Oct_19, 1:10:01)

Commercialization of Silicon Carbide Power Modules for High-Performance Energy ApplicationsHornberger, J.APEI04_Hornberger_Commercialization_of_SiC_Power_Modules
Second-Generation Compressed Air Energy Storage Technology Meeting Renewable Energy/Smart Grid RequirementsNakhamkin, M.Energy Storage & Power, LLC05_Nakhamkin_EESAT_2011_Abstract
Systems Integration Strategies for the 10-kWh Redflow Zinc Bromine Battery ModuleHickey, S.RedFlow Limited06_Winter_Hickey_Abstract
Managing the State of Charge of Energy Storage Systems Used for Frequency RegulationLazarewicz, M.Beacon Power Corp.07_Lazarewicz_EESAT_2011_abstract

Session 10: EES Special Applications

Chair: R. Guttromson, SNL (MP3 Session_10_Wednesday_Oct_19, 1:11:45)

Why Aren’t We Building New, Grid-Scale Energy Storage Projects?Manwaring, M.HDR Engineering, Inc.08_Manwaring_EESAT_HDR_Abstract
Energy Storage — A Cheaper, Faster, and Cleaner Alternative to Conventional Frequency RegulationDamato, G.StrateGen09_Damato_2011_EESAT_Abstract
Ultracapacitor Technology for Utility ApplicationsBurke, A.Univ.of California-Davis10_Burke_EESAT2011abstract
Ultrabattery Storage Technology and Advanced Algorithms at the Megawatt ScaleCoppin, P.CSIRO Energy Transformed, Australia11_Coppin_Wood_UltraBattery_abstract

Session 11: Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

Chair: J. Eyer, Distributed Utility Assoc. (MP3 Session_11_Wednesday_Oct_19, 47:19)

New York State Electric and Gas American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage Demonstration Plant – 2011 StatusSchainker, R.EPRI12_Schainker_Rettberg_Abstract
Iowa Stored Energy Park "Lessons From Iowa"Holst, K.Iowa Stored Energy Park13_Holst_Abstract
Small-Scale Scalable Compressed Air Energy Storage System with Thermal ManagementSimmons, J. H.Univ. of Arizona14_Simmons_CAES_abstract

Keynote Address and Closing Remarks

(MP3 Keynote_and_Closing_Remarks_Wednesday_Oct_19, 15:11)

Monday, October 17

A Battery Storage System for Distributed Demand Response in Rural EnvironmentsMcCann, R.Univ. of Arkansas13_McCann_2-Page_Abstract
The State/Federal Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership ProjectMargolis, A.Clean Energy States Alliance14_Margolis_ESTAP_Project_Abstract
Applying Renewable Storage to the Commercial EnvironmentHires, J.GS Battery (USA) Inc.15_Hires_Abstract
Recent U.S. Policy and Legal Implications for Energy Storage vis-à-vis RPS MandatesHernandez, J.SNL16_Hernandez_Recent_US_Policy_Legal_Implications
Use of Storage to Mitigate Frequency Variations in a Load Frequency Control ModelLim, M.Univ. of Colorado at Boulder17_LIM_Abstract

Tuesday, October 18

Silicon Nano-Scoop Anodes for High-Power Li-Ion BatteriesKoratkar, N.Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute18_KORATKAR_Abstract
Economic and Cost Modeling of the Repurposing Electrical Vehicle Batteries for Stationary Storage ApplicationsJaffe, S.IDC Energy Insights19_Jaffe_ESSAT_Abstract
Experimental Approach for Thermal Modeling of Sodium-Sulfur Battery Based on Isothermal Chamber TestLee, C.RIST, Korea20_Hui_Lee_EESAT_abstract
Preliminary Findings of National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Secondary-Use ProjectNeubauer, J.NREL21_Neubauer_Abstract
Effects of Operating Parameters on the Single-Cell Performance of the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for Energy StorageWu, Chun-HsingGreen Energy and Environmental Research Lab.22_Wu_Hsueh_EESAT_2011_ExtAbs

Wednesday, October 19

PG&E Compressed Air Energy Storage in CaliforniaNarang, A.PG&E16_Narang_EESAT_abstract
Characterization and Assessment of Novel Bulk Storage TechnologiesAgrawal, P.Senetech/SRA International17_Argrawal_KEMA_EESAT_abstract
Compressed Air Energy Storage and Geographic Aggregation: Mutually Reinforcing Strategies for Integrating Wind PowerSuccar, S.National Resources Defense Council18_Succar_EESAT_Abstract
Simulation and Optimization of a Flow Battery in an Area Regulation ApplicationSavinell, R. F.Case Western Reserve Univ.19_Savinell_ExtAbstract, 147kb