EESAT 2000 Conference

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Keynote Address

Distributed Resources, New Paths for PowerBill ParksDOE

Session #1: Overview of Energy Storage Applications & Technologies

Capturing Value with Energy Storage in the Energy and Reserve MarketsFrank GravesThomas Jenkin
What a "Good" Energy Storage System Would Look Like to a Large UtilityAllan IngramBonneville Power Administration
IBERDROLA’s Technology Demonstration Center, Novel Technological Projects LocationJesus GarciaJose F. Moles

Session #2: Multi-Mega Watt Applications

Recent Developments in the Design and Applications of a Utility-Scale Energy Storage PlantAnthony Price & Barry DavidsonInnogy Technology Ventures
Advanced NAS Battery SystemAkiyasu OkunoMakoto Kamibayashi
Update on the Golden Valley Electric Association BESSStan SostromPOWER Engineers
A Review of the Operation of a Large Scale, Demand Side, Energy Management System Based on a Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery Energy Storage SystemGeorge W. Hunt & Christopher B. JohnGNB Technologies

Keynote Address

A Venture Capitalist Perspective on Energy Storage TechnologiesRich AubeThe Beacon Group Energy and Investment Fund

Session #3: Lead-Acid Battery Applications

Are Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries Reliable? An End-User PerspectiveMindi Farber De Anda & Jennifer DunleaveyEnergetics
Examination of VRLA Battery Cells Sampled from the Metlakatla Battery Energy Storage SystemJoseph Szymborski & George HuntGNB; Rudolf Jungst
Online Impedance Testing of Storage CellsPeter E. LanganAVO International-Biddle Instrument Group
The Energy and Life Benefits of Charging Lead Acid Cells Individually by a Battery Management SystemCharles E. BurnsAutoCap

Session #4 (Part 1): Systems Analysis

A National Initiative to Characterize Transmission Power QualitySteven G. WhisenantDuke Power
Intelligent Energy Distribution Networks through the Use of Innovative Decentralised Generation, Storage, Information and Communication SystemsHerbert SchmidtFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems; Gerhard Weissmueller


Integration of Renewable Generation into the UK Market – Opportunities for Energy StorageGraeme BathurstGoren Strbac
The Cost and Benefits of Electrical Energy StorageAlan CollinsonEA Technology
Evaluation and Technology Review of Energy Storage for the PREPA SystemAgustin A. Irizarry-RiveraUniversity of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez; Wenceslao Torres & Efran Paredes
Data Management for Fielded Energy Storage SystemsGarth P. Corey & Paul C. ButlerSandia National Laboratories; Mindi J. Farber-DeAnda

Session #5A (Part 1) : Applications of Flywheels and SMES Systems

Recent Developments on micro-SMES System Project at the University of BolognaP. G. AlbanoC. A. Borghi
Development of a 1 kWh/1 MW Module-Type SMESHidemi HayashiTsuneo Sannomiya
Development of Long-life, Low-maintenance Flywheel Electricity SystemsA. C. Day & M. StrasikBoeing Phantom Works; J. Wood

Session #5B (Part 1): Customer Applications

Energy Storage for Industrial ProcessesKim L. CravenDuke Power; Roger Lawrence
Advanced Electrochemical Capacitors for ASD Ride-Through and UPS Power Conditioning ApplicationsTom GeistRick Langley
Operation Experience with Magnetodynamic Flywheel Storage Systems in Public transport BusesGerhard Reiner & Werner WeckMagnet-Motor

Session #5A (Part 2): Applications of Flywheels and SMES Systems

Flywheel Energy Storage System with Superconducting Magnetic BearingMakoto HiroseAkio Yoshida
Development of 1 kWh Flywheel Energy Storage System with Superconducting Magnetic BearingNaoji Kashima & Shigeo NagayaChubu Electric Power; Masaharu Minami
Active Filter with Integrated FlywheelRainer HarkeEUS; Martin Kleimaier

Session #5B (Part 2): Customer Applications

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System for Use in Office BuildingsNobuyuki TokudaYasutaka Miki
Power Quality Evaluation of Mobile UPS Installation at S&C Electric CompanyErnst H. Camm & Brad RobertsS&C Electric Company

Session #6: Applications using Lithium Battery Systems

The Practical Application of Lithium Ion Batteries in Energy Storage and Other Stationary ApplicationsJ. McDowallS. Oweis
Characteristics of Lithium Secondary Batteries Developed as a part of the Japanese National Project for Electric Vehicle and Home-Use Load Leveling SystemsT. IwahoriK.Takei
Development of 250 Wh-class Long Life Lithium Secondary Batteries and 2kWh-class Module using a Graphite-coke Hybrid Carbon Negative ElectrodeFor Home-use Load-leveling SystemsAtsuhiro FunahashiKatsunori Yanagida

Session #7: Utility Applications of Sodium Sulfur Battery Systems

Development of a 100kW NAS Battery-Based System for Combined Power Quality and Peak Shaving ApplicationsNorikazu IchikawaKyushu Electric Power; Tomio Tamakoshi
Pulse Power Performance of NAS Batteries for Combined Power Quality and Peak Shaving ApplicationsKouji TanakaTokyo Electric Power; Taku Oshima

Wednesday September 20, 2000

Session #8: Power Conversion Systems

Advanced Power Electronics and HTS Technology for SMES: Demonstration ResultsMatthew J. SuperczynskiDengming Peng
Integration of a FACTS and Battery Energy StorageZ. YangC. Shen
Emitter Turn-Off Thyristor (ETO) based Converters for Energy StorageKevin MottoYuxin Li

Session #9 (Part 1): Renewable and Distributed Energy Applications

Opportunities for Energy Storage Devices Operating with Renewable Energy SystemsAndrew Cruden & Graham J. W. DudgeonCERPD
Assessing Battery Performance with Distributed Energy Technology SimulatorsMindi Farber De Anda & Howard LowittEnergetics
Photovoltaic Hybrid Test Facility: System Evaluation of Yuasa VRLA/GEL Batteries (including Interface Issues)Robert L. Hammond & Spencer EveringhamArizona State University; Garth Corey

Session #9 (Part 2): Renewable and Distributed Energy Applications

Development of Design Practices for PV/Battery Remote Area Power SuppliesEdward G. SkolnikBrian Marchionini
The 400kWh ABESS for the Detroit Edison CompanyPeter J. LexZBB Energy Corporation

Closing Session

Energy Storage Concepts for a Reconstructed Electric Utility IndustryJoseph J. IannucciDistributed Utility Associates
Power Delivery in a Digital WorldImre GyukDept. of Energy