Sandians Assist Industry Education on Energy Storage System Standards

Sandia National Laboratories Energy Storage program team member Charlie Vartanian participated in the EUCI course “Energy Storge System Commissioning” held virtually April 17-18, 2024. Charlie was the lead instructor for “Installation Codes, Standards, and Regulations (CSRs) Applicable to Energy Storage System (ESS) Commissioning”. The Sandia-supported course module included content prepared by Michael Ropp (Sandia ESS Interconnection), Waylon Clark Sandia (Sandia ESS Demonstration Projects and Commissioning), and Chris Searles (Sandia ES Safety Codes and Standards).

The ESS Commissioning course provided the audience of ESS owner/operators (and all other parties involved in the commissioning effort) an excellent foundation of:

  • ESS pre-commissioning requirements
  • ESS commissioning stakeholders and their involvement
  • ESS commissioning project plan elements and their sequence
  • ESS commissioning tests
  • ESS deployment and commencement of operations
  • ESS recommissioning and decommissioning

EUCI provided an extremely interested and engaged audience for the Sandia Energy Storage program to deliver its R&D program resources and insights related to ESS standards and their application. Participation in this course also supported a broader Sandia and DOE OE goal to lower barriers to ESS adoption by filling gaps in ESS Standards.

Learn more about the course here.

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