Sandia National Laboratories’ Atri Bera Awarded Outstanding Young Engineer

Dr. Atri Bera was recently honored with the Outstanding Young Engineer Award by the IEEE Albuquerque Section, recognizing his significant contributions in developing “software tools to assess the reliability and stability risks associated with high penetrations of renewable generation.” His research and tool development work has been pivotal in addressing critical challenges as the power grid transitions to incorporate a higher proportion of variable renewable energy sources.

Dr. Bera’s work as a Senior R&D Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories has notably advanced the understanding of potential reliability and stability risks posed by renewable energy integration and demonstrated how energy storage solutions can be strategically utilized to mitigate these issues. Furthermore, his research into energy storage valuation has been instrumental in reducing barriers to its broad adoption, making it easier for industry stakeholders to assess the financial benefits.

Additionally, Dr. Bera has been at the forefront of developing innovative software tools that enhance energy storage valuation and improve grid planning, thereby supporting a more resilient and efficient energy infrastructure. This award highlights Dr. Bera’s impactful work and his commitment to advancing renewable energy integration and enhancing grid reliability and stability using energy storage.

Dr. Bera earned his bachelor’s from National Institute of Technology Durgapur in India and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University, both in electrical engineering. He has authored numerous journal articles, book chapters, and reports focused on improving grid performance amidst the large-scale integration of renewable energy through the utilization of energy storage systems. He is actively engaged in a range of IEEE activities, including participation in working groups and task forces, serving in editorial roles, and organizing panels and sessions to share ongoing research in his field.